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Routers and wireless security - Updating firmware, passwords & enabling HTTPS


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Wireless router firmware

You router's firmware is the software it is running on. You should check your router's firmware is up to date and on the latest version. This is definitely recommended as you might be missing out on some of the latest features your router’s vendor has released, or it may have a fix for something that does not work effectively. It is also essential as vulnerabilities are discovered every day, and so keeping your router up to date will ensure your secure from new threats.


Router Firmware Update


Wireless router Password

You should change your router's password to something only you know. You don’t want anyone accessing your router’s setup area.



Management of the access point should be carried out via HTTPS (which is encrypted) in preference to HTTP (which passes traffic in clear text). This will prevent your access point's management username and password from being compromised.


Router password and enabling HTTPS



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