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How to use the Windows Vista Security Center



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How to use the Windows Vista Security Center

The windows security center is a great feature for checking your security status, updating and configuring your security all from one centralised location. Windows security center is a new centralised feature which monitors and alerts you on the status of your security status. If you install an anti-virus product or a firewall, these will also be detected by the windows security center, and can be managed from here as well.

Using the windows security center, I will be showing you on how to keep your security features up to date.


Check your Windows Security status

You can check your windows security status via the windows security center. Go to Start, Control Panel and then double click Security Center.

You can now see the windows security center main page.

It is split up into two sections. The windows security center main section on the right will inform you of your windows security status and give you the option to update if needed. The blue section on the left hand side also lists the windows security features installed on your computer. If you select a product from here, it will open the application where you can configure settings or scan for malware, etc.


How to use Windows Security Centre


From my figure above showing windows security center, my firewall, and windows automatic updates are up to date and turned on, as indicated by the green colour. However my malware protection, indicated by the red colour indicates this is out of date. There is also an amber colour not shown in my figure which would indicate a danger that needs to be rectified.

My virus definition and my spyware definitions are not up to date to the latest signatures. From the current area of windows security center, I can click on the update now button on either of the two, and will execute the program, which in turn will attempt to update their signatures.

Next on page 3 I will talk about the four main areas and how to configure them within the windows security center. These are the Firewall, Automatic Updating, Malware Protection and Other Security Settings.



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