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Hosted Security, SAAS, or Security in the Cloud

What do we mean by Hosted security, Security in the cloud or SAAS (Software as a service)

In IT terminology the term “Hosting” means someone else, some other place, or a company/business provides the services and resources on someone else’s behalf. The most popular example is web hosting. An individual or company rents a web hosting service from a web hosting company, such as FastHost or GoDaddy. The individual or company produces its own website and transfers its web pages to the web server of a web host.

There are specific types of hosting services, but generally speaking, below is a list of advantages to using a hosting company:

- The end user does not need to purchase any hardware
- The end user does not need to use any physical space
- No maintenance of the servers required
- The end user does not need to pay for electricity costs
- The end user does not need to have any disaster recovery in place as the hosting provider takes care of this

The hosted service will provide all the above for you

Of course there are some disadvantages to hosting services in the cloud, such as the customer does not have complete control of the solution, security can be an issue leaving the website in someone else hands, hosted services may not tick all of the customer laws and regulations requirements that need to be adhered to.

However in many people’s views, the advantages completely outweigh the disadvantages and many companies have moved or are moving towards a hosting approach for many of their applications and services.

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